Economic Justice

Building on existing work of network national focal points across the region, SAPSN will continue with this strategic thematic area, as identified at inception in 1999. Economic justice is a core building block of SAPSN as it sits at the center of tackling structural causes of poverty, marginalization, exclusion and intersecting inequalities across gender, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, age, class, income, disability and geographical location, among others. Equitable access to quality public social services such as health, education, sanitation, shelter, clean and usable water, as well as means of production such as land are at the center of mobilization, campaigns, and the regional movement SAPSN has been building for more than a decade and half. Key big issues to program around include:
a) Tax Justice
b) Trade and Livelihoods
c) Public Finance Management: Debt, Tax Justice & Illicit Financial Flows
d) Cross Border Trading