Foundation for Social & Economic Justice

The Foundation for Socio-economic Justice in Swaziland was born out of the organic struggles of the mass of the rural poor, workers and young activists of Swaziland, whose efforts culminated into the birth of this giant on the 15th February, 2004. Its founding motto was; development means food, jobs and dignity for the poor.
It was in 2001 when this idea was first conceptualised out of a series of popular initiatives and the emergence of a new social movement-type network that anchored mass struggles rooted in community and issue-based struggles. It was spearheaded by activists and generated a new and effective momentum towards the effective renewal of mass struggles on the ground.
This went together with the urgency imposed by the new conditions of struggle in the country, the growing hostility of the state towards any and all democratic and progressive activities of the people. This required new conceptualisations of struggle to deepen mass-based organising and campaigning that touched on the raw nerve of society, the issues affecting the people and their families.
On the 15th February, 2004 the Foundation was launched as a body of social forces united under the auspices of an economic justice movement to organize the masses of the poor and working people for their own struggle and economic emancipation from poverty, inequalities and unemployment.
The first constitution was formally adopted 2004 November and a Board of Directors were constituted accordingly from a cross section of our society for example, academics, political activist, trade unions, grassroots and the rural poor.
In partnership with organizations and the marginalised, we are inspired by the need to play a transformative role enabling people to take charge of their own lives and effectively participate in the socio economic justice agenda for an improved quality of life for all people, as well as changes attitude and structure.
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