Institutional Strengthening – Internal Governance

SAPSN institutional arrangements are articulated in a 2003 document entitled “Summarized SAPSN Guiding Principles”. The document lays out structural issues, network processes and membership. The governance structures include the Coordinating Committee, General Assembly and the Secretariat. One element of the structure, the secretariat, which was hitherto based on a rotation model, was reviewed by the regional coordinating committee sitting as part of the strategic retreat and a decision for immediate implementation was taken – to cease the rotation and adopt a permanent secretariat, with a time frame of a maximum of twelve months given for this change to take effect. This change will call for a revision of several aspects of the Guiding Principles, which process will take place and will be finalized during 2018. The process will agree on the host country, institution and the nurture of the secretariat, which is a product of the strategic direction the network has chosen for the next 4 years. A back-up document “Revised SAPSN Guiding Principles” will therefore be produced to redefine structural issues, membership and network processes.