It is disturbing that Mauritius, a SADC member state, is acting as a catalyst for the underdevelopment of other SADC member states, through acting as a tax haven, gentrification, privatization and ecological crisis.  Depriving other countries to derive taxes from activities being conducted in their jurisdiction cannot be considered as fair or competitive. Investors’ tax is a way of paying back to society, part of which is used to fund government expenditure that ultimately should be invested in public services.

As a growth dependent economic system, capitalism pursue endless accumulation and reproduces itself on a larger scale. As a social system, capitalism has progressively advanced the commoditization of everything on planet earth. We are living in an alarming and critical time for human kind, organized human society and the planet. Just a few years of inaction in the immediate future could lock in dangerous climate change that would be irreversible for the next ten thousand years.

While humanity has to come to grips with the biggest existential crisis of our century, matters are worsening with the political rise of the extreme right forces and climate denials in different parts of the world. In a situation of rapid worsening planetary emergency, with climate change deteriorating and ecological boundaries exceeding threshold. The Indian Ocean islands populations are among the most vulnerable populations on earth in terms of climate induced catastrophes. Mauritius is among one of the small islands under direct threats of global warming in the coming years.

What could be an important outcome for the 2019 SADC People’s Summit  in  addressing ecological crisis could be the implementation of Climate Debt  which is  a concept incorporating two distinct elements: adaptation debt which represents the compensation owed to the poor for the damages of climate change they have not caused and emissions debt which is compensation owed for their fair share of the atmospheric space they cannot use if climate change is to be stopped. A second initiative could be the implementation of the Rights of Nature in all the respective constitutions of the SADC member states.

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