Movement Building

The major drivers of the solidarity that defines SAPSN are organic struggles that connect the regional citizenry through community based, national and regional people’s movements. The force that is SAPSN is heavily dependent on social movements and alliances mobilizing to challenge rising inequalities, structural causes of poverty and injustices, including violence and political oppression. Social movements are the base for SAPSN. Through this strategy, SAPSN will deliberately work to re-build the capacities of various social movements organizing, defending and claiming people’s rights. Participants at the strategic retreat observed and agreed that there is need to audit the state of social movements in different countries with a deliberate view to re-booting them on many fronts, including capacities to organize, structural issues, resource mobilization, framing of issues and alliance building, among others. Pathways to programmatic interventions under this strategic pillar include:
a) Capacity Building of Existing Social Movements
b) Nurturing and growing nascent and new movements
c) Peer Leaning & Exchange
d) Amplification of sectoral voices
e) Campaigns & Mobilization for Collective Action