Principles & Values

As SAPSN we believe in and uphold the following set of principles and values anchored on economic, environmental, social, and political equity and justice and people to people solidarity:

  1. Transparency and Accountability – in the way we manage the resources entrusted to us.
  2. Equity and Equality – Across gender, sex, religion, age, disability and other intersecting inequalities
  3. Collective Action – Building people to people solidarity among the SADC people
  4. People Power – Empowering communities and rights holders to know, exercise and claim their rights: “Nothing about us without us”
  5. Non-Violence – In building a strong social movement driven by voice and agency of those impacted the most, we use non-violent methods in confronting power and speaking truth to power

SAPSN has committed itself to helping build a region of peace and security, popular participation and democracy, human rights, and wellbeing of all. SAPSN is for the human needs of the many and against the profit interest of the few. Thus, in search of alternatives, SAPSN is unequivocally against opposed to the current corporate dominated global financial, economic and political system and institutions.