Strategic Objectives

  1. To harness grassroots efforts towards the building of a strong regional movement that enhances and strengthens member constituencies’ capacities to challenge and develop alternatives to the current corporate globalization and undemocratic practices.
  2. To develop a people-led SADC regional integration strategy that serves as a defence against the impact of globalization.
  3. To strive to link up with peoples’ movements at every level throughout the region and contribute to cooperation between grassroots actions on the interlinked actions against poverty, inequality and injustices.
  4. To deepen a culture of democracy, promotion of human rights and upholding of the rule of law in SADC countries though connecting and amplify various southern Africa people’s struggles at local, national, and sub-regional levels.
  5. To build strong links and active cooperation with other similar peoples` regional formations in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and the rest of the world.